IPUCKU Ice Puck University EXAM

IPUCKU exam If you can answer correctly 3 of these questions, than you qualify for a diploma in puckology from Ice Puck University. Please answer the best response for questions 1 through 6.

1. What shape is puck? A. square B. circular C. perfectly round

2. What is a puck made of? A. rubber B. plastic C. worm dropping

3. What does IPUCKU stand for? A. sex B. hospital room C. Ice Puck University

4. Before a game, a puck is: A. frozen B. oiled C. nuked in the microwave

5. How much does a puck weigh? A.17 pounds B. 6 ounces C. 10 tons

6. What sex are you? A. male B. female C. a puck in human form


7. Do you know your name?

8. Do you know your phone number including area code?

9. Do you know your Email address?

This is the actual IPUCKU final exam required to receive your degree in puckology. Good luck. Sorry, there are no IPU tutors available for you slow learning hockey pucks. There will be no grading using the curve method. No make up tests are available. You must pass this exam on your first try, there will be no second chance. This exam insures that IPUCKU only accept the brightest students to receive diplomas in Puckology.

Here is your Diploma