Ice Puck University

Puckology 101

The Puck

What is the puck made of?  A puck is made of vulcanized rubber, three inches in diameter and one inch thick. It is solid to remove the bounce and frozen before entering play to make it more bounce resistant. It weighs about 6 ounces.

How fast does the puck travel? Slapshots can range from 90-100 miles per hour, although speeds of over 115 have been recorded.

Ice Hockey: Positions

Goaltender: The goalies primary job is to keep the opposing team from putting the puck into the net. He or she always guards the net from players that get by the defenseman.

Defenseman: There are 2 defenesemen, left and right. They try to stop the incoming opposing players at their own blue line.

Center: The center covers the middle of the ice from one end to the other trying to set up and pass to his wings for a score.

Wings. There are 2 wings, left and right. They move up and down the ice with the center to try to score goals.

The Hockey Ice Rink

The Hockey Ice Rink standard size is 200 feet by 85 feet. The ice is usually held at 16 degrees for proper haedness and is 3/4 of an inch thick.

Ice Hockey Terms

Icing the puck: When a player shoots the puck up from his side of the center line and across the opponet's goal line, and the puck is touched by an opposing player, icing is called.A team may ice the puck if youare shorthanded due to a penalty.

Offside:When any member of the attacking team crosses the defendings team's blue line before the puck, offside is called.

Offside pass: Sometimes called a two line pass or two line offside happens when a member of the opposing team passes the puck up the ice across his own blue line and the center red line to a teammate.